Prince Carlin


Prince Carlin is the legitimate son of King Elgin of the Kingdom of Beatha.

Although he was not a bastard child, he was cast out of the kingdom as an infant to the orphanage in the nearby village of Cavan. He was raised there until he was eight years old when he became Gawain´s apprentice and began training to become a Rogue. The reason for Prince Carlin´s exile out of the Kingdom of Beatha is unknown to the reader until later on in the first novel.

Prince Carlin is known for his stern attitude and strong will. He is a powerful fighter and he learns quickly. He had advanced so swiftly in his training that at age 10, Prince Carlin was able to go through with his initiation to become a Rogue.

The first novel in my series focuses on Prince Carlin and Gawain and their adventures in Grænegg and The Land of the Lights.

~A. S. R. Jones



The first character that you shall meet in this story is Gawain.

He is half-human and half-elf and was born in the small forest-side town of Hafwen in southern Mairead. He has no knowledge of his parents and has had no sense of family in his life. He retreated to the Esras Forest as a young boy to seek solitude, for he felt no love or connection to the peoples of Hafwen.

After experiencing many hardships in the Esras Forest he joined a secret society known as the Rogues. He trained and worked hard until he could finally complete his initiation into the society. Once he did, he continued his hard work learning weaponry, herbalism, battle tactics, runic, and much more and eventually became one of the most notable Rogues in all of the lands of Grænegg!

The first book in my series focuses on Gawain’s adventures with his apprentice, Prince Carlin of the Kingdom of Beatha, and their dealings with elves, dragon princes, and more.

~A. S. R. Jones

Welcome to Grænegg!



You have gained access to information about the great world of Grænegg! A land of many unique creatures and landscapes. If you have found this then you were either invited to explore this land or you happened upon it- either way, lucky you!

The first place that this journey will take you to is the land in the East called Mairead.

Mairead is known for its human population, tyrannic kings, and a concentration of shadowy rebel warriors known as the Rogues.

More will become apparent in due time as well as in December of this year when the first novel of The Land of the Lights is released!

Until then, keep checking this website for more information on the characters and the lands that inhabit Grænegg.

~A. S. R. Jones